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Firms using Insight report higher per partner profit and increased total productivity. By automating specific tasks, Insight transforms the provision of legal services. High-performing law firms are those that embrace technology as tools for efficiency, profitability and growth.

A proven performer

Your firm can operate with confidence, knowing that Insight is tried and tested. Our clients and developers are constantly putting Insight to the test. This ongoing process of iteration and refinement means Insight remains a powerful and competitive advantage for our customers. 

Ian McCaskill
Development Director
Sandeep Khurana
David Columbro
Matilda Watson
Sandeep’s decades of experience in large software sales and implementation projects for the Big Four accounting and consulting companies offer clients first-class insights. Sandeep is an excellent listener and his views, when he eventually reveals them, are well worth acting on. 
Marketing Coordinator
Sales Director
Operations Manager
Christopher Eddison-Cogan
Christopher’s background as a lawyer, managing partner and software designer have enabled him to make a valuable contribution to products he has directly designed and to law firm accounting and automation software generally. He is thus well-qualified to consult on a range of issues of interest to significant law firms.
Ian has a global reputation among legal software vendors for attention to detail and close to perfect data migration and support services. Ian has worked with most practice management systems and fully understands the underlying architecture of accounting, workflow and document management. His project management skills are second to none.



Established in Sydney, Australia. Now operating globally. 

In collaboration with clients based in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Eulexica Pte Ltd has developed and deployed the very best legal practice management software for medium to large law firms around the world, whether running on-premises, hosted in a private cloud, or both. 

Eulexica’s Practice Management System is a modular, fully-integrated application designed from the ground up for managing the complexities of global law firms. Our smallest clients have 50 staff and our largest more than 1000.  


Clients need only deal with a single development team, keeping your internal IT costs down.  At the same time, we recognise the importance of integrating other Best-of-Breed applications and provide our clients with those integrations if required, including but not limited to Microsoft, Equitrac, Softlog, Billback, Rekoop, Chrome River and InfoTrack etcetera.  ​

Our structure and culture differentiate us from other suppliers in the market providing you with the expertise

you need to build an automated and competitive IT platform for your business.  

Because we are both local and global, and because our culture encourages collaboration, our clients have a direct relationship with the people who develop the product.

Law firms play the most important role in the overall direction of product development.  Further, we continue to support products until the last client voluntarily moves to a new product. We have never discontinued support for a product or forced clients to upgrade to a new product.  

We would be delighted to hear your requirements.

David's background is working in large and small finance teams. This has enabled him to make valuable data-driven decision by contributing to the teams that he has been part of. David has worked in small and large finance teams in Government (DoJ), non-profit (Rotary), start-ups (Future Perfect) and consulting. David's goal is to ensure that he is able to partner with law firms to help them drive efficiencies.
Matilda's background is in law and legal advice. Having joined Eulexica as a legal researcher Matilda made the transition into marketing after showing proficiency in search engine optimisation. Matilda works towards helping law firms better understand their needs and communicating with these firms in a way that delivers positive results. 

Under the bonnet

From text to cloud, mainframes to browsers, our software has been a trusted player in legal practice management since the 1970s. In those 40-plus years, through three generations of management, our purpose has remained the same: to develop fast, flexible and reliable software that gives law firms a competitive advantage.  

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