How-to Videos

Conflict Search

How to perform a Conflict Search

Length: 1:37

Create a Client

How to Create a Client entry

Length: 1:09

Create a Contact

How to Create a Contact entry

Length: 1:35

Create a Matter

How to Create a Matter entry

Length: 0:57

Document Assembly

How to Assemble a Document

Length: 1:03

Document Management

Exploring Document Management

Length: 2:08

Finding a Contact

How to Find a Contact

Length: 0:44

Entering a Credit Note from a Creditor

How to Enter a Credit Note from a Creditor

Length: 1:27

Navigate the Interface

A brief rundown of the features of the Interface

Length: 1:15

Trust to Office Transfers

How to perform a Trust to Office Transfer

Length: 2:06

Billing From A Matter

How to Create a Bill directly from a Matter

Length: 1:34