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When it comes to features, Insight IV is a leader in the market.  Eulexica is distinguished by the flexibility of our implementation, software development and migration services. No two large firms have precisely the same needs: software adaptability is a requirement of a successful platform and therefore hallmarks of Eulexica's approach to business.

Moving to Insight IV is less difficult than you might think. The Eulexica team offers full data migration and installation in the UK, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Proper project planning and management is much less costly than competing service providers and will minimise disruption to your business.

2. Security
1. Change Management

The practice management solution for

medium, large and international law firms
Migrating to Insight IV
Flexible for firms of all organisational structures or field of law

Flexible for firms of any organisational structure or field of law

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 Eulexica's Insight IV is for medium, large or international law firms who need powerful software to handle disparate teams and data.
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The Top Two 
When the ILTA 2018 Tech Survey asked law firms what technology issues they faced most often, managers overwhelmingly responded with areas that the Eulexica teams have spent decades solving.
1. Change Management
According to a 2018 survey by McKinsey & Company, if a workforce is to future-proof itself, a culture of “lifelong learning” is key. A practice management platform developed by legal practitioners for legal practitioners comes with an assurance that there will be minimal barriers in adoption. Eulexica’s decades of experience means firms can expect easy to use, intuitive software that empowers best workforce practices to create sustainable value.
2. Security
Eulexica's Oracle and MS SQL Server databases provide clients with an industrial-strength, highly secure data repository. These are the databases of choice for corporations for whom security is essential. Eulexica’s approach to security balances the complexity of assigning rights with the flexibility of switching authorisation for users. A firm can be confident that user access and permissions determined by management will be unchangeable by others.
Source: ILTA 2018 Tech Survey

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