Insight is the secure and cost-effective platform to support your long-term growth, client-engagement, automation, innovation and cyber-security.

Risk Reduction


Productivity & ROI


Practice Management Software for law firms that want to grow

Risk Reduction

Centralised and streamlined data management promotes meaningful access to data, templates and document by your legal teams and clients: Staff can better connect with clients, understand conflicts of interests, synchronise tasks and calendars, and build collaborative workflows. Insight IV trust and client accounting has been certified and or audited in all Australian states, Singapore, England and Wales. 


Insight IV is the commercially and technically stable platform for next-generation firms, ensuring real-time data is always available and bringing agility and performance to your firm. For thirty years the Eulexica group and its antecedents have led the world in the development of software for law firms while ensuring the needs of clients are always paramount.  New feature and functions are driven by client demand, most recently across multiple international markets. Our teams are driven by the joy of creativity and client satisfaction, by doing a great job, not by the prospects of promotion to another division of a conglomerate. Insight IV has all the benefits of shrink-wrap software, coupled with the advantages of customisation and client-led innovation

Productivity & ROI


Using Insight IV, lawyers and staff are able to spend more time creating value by working with clients and processes rather than on administration and compliance. Firms fully implementing Insight are able to generate additional per partner profit equivalent to more than one additional billable hour per fee earner per day. In some work areas, junior staff are able to produce standardised work more quickly than senior staff, at a much lower cost, potentially generating ‘super-profits’. For larger firms, the cost of Insight, including software, implementation and support, is virtually negligible compared to the scale of your opportunities.


Insight IV may be the only platform in today’s market integrating all areas of a law firm’s practice under one umbrella. This is because Insight provides: 

1. A single database as the central repository for all data;

2. An open system easily modified for client-specific needs;

3. Sophisticated security and financial reporting systems to support multi-entities, currencies and workgroups;

4. Unrivalled workflow and task automation features. 

Eight key features
Insight IV (International Version) is one platform to fulfil all your legal practice management software requirements.

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Every practice has pain points. We have a full drill-down of all practice management areas that will highlight our industry-leading solutions.

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