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The Eulexica teams offer full planning, data migration and installation services in the UK, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Professional project management costs are lower than competing service provider and our collaborative approach will minimise disruption to your staff and business.

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Communicating with prospective clients is easy with Eulexica's own CRM modules. These allow users to create topical newsletters tailored to the clients’ identified interests as well as manage seminars, Christmas card lists and related contacts. Maximise cross-selling to current clients and identify prospective clients, connecting referrals and work to partner remuneration if required. Alternatively, or as well as, our strong integration capabilities enable bidirectional connections with third-party 'horizontal' and even open source CRM systems.

Time Capture, Fee Recording and Optimised Revenue

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Clearly the single most important area for analysis. Time capture is not restricted to timesheets: Eulexica offers flexible mechanisms for fee capture, project costing, billing and reporting. In-depth analysis and a range of charging mechanisms from fixed-fee to time-based to contingency helps firms increase their productivity, client satisfaction and profitability. Integration with third-party products can assist rapid adoption of Eulexica LPAS while minimising, often entirely eliminating, any disruption to fee-earners.

Billings and Collections

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Time and Fee Capture systems (Eulexica or third-party) 'feed' the manual and automated billing modules, which assemble fees, anticipated disbursements, cheque requisitions, hard disbursements (actual payments or liabilities incurred through the creditor's system) and soft disbursements (sundries) to produce a draft bill for single matters or in batches. These may be reviewed and subsequently modified, or confirmed and emailed immediately as an invoice to the client or payer. Financial transactions are automatically posted to the matter and to the general ledger. Revenue managers love the automated tools for managing debtors, payment agreements, follow-ups and reminders, offsetting trust and client accounts.

Workflow Automation

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Eulexica offers several levels of workflow automation from simple tasks and reminders to automated document assembly, automated fee recording and sophisticated collaboration. Task-driven workflow is suited to well-defined processes such as conveyancing and debt recovery, as well as more complex assignments including medical negligence, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and other areas of litigation.

Key Alerts

Key Alerts.webp

Eulexica allows users to configure their own notifications, informing them when set parameters are approaching or have arrived. For example, when critical dates are approaching, when a matter’s budgeted fees are about to be exceeded, or when the firm’s debtors are beyond predefined criteria. These features assist partners, departments and firms to operate within policy parameters and to fulfill key performance indicators.

Dashboards, Scorecards, KPIs and Budgets


Eulexica's secure dashboards display real-time data on an individual, department, team and firm-wide scale. Security features allow administrators to configure who sees what figures and in what formats, including budget and time-period comparisons. How am I doing today? This week? Month to date or year to date? Early feedback modifies behaviours and outcomes, making management easier on both staff and managers.

Document Management, Assembly and Search

Document Management.webp

Eulexica is installed with its own matter-centric document management system and integrates with many third-party collaboration and document management systems, including NetDocuments, Worldox, Hummingbird, Microsoft SharePoint and iManage. Our vision is to provide firms with a complete Windows and web-based system for all tasks, engaging fee earners, support staff, managers and clients in a productive collaboration.

Trust and Client Accounting


Certified and/or audited by the Law Society, Law Institute or Solicitors Regulation Authority of every Australian state, New Zealand, Singapore, England and Wales, Eulexica is compliant with the relevant Legal Profession Acts.

Time Capture
Key Alerts
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